Hydrocarbon Habitats is a seminar series organised by Geonova and GeoPublishing. We work diligently to present current and interesting topics in the fields of geology and geophysics, and we frequently team up with partners in order to enhance the program.

Each year we present three to four different topics, and we bring our speakers on a “road-show” to Oslo and Stavanger for each topic.

Questions about the seminars? Please e-mail ingvild@geonova.no

Seminar schedule 2017

16th February 2017Injectities Oslo, CGG/Statkraft - Amfi & Expo, Lilleakerveien 4e, U1 Hus 4
17th February 2017InjectitiesStavanger, Clarion Hotel Air
September24th Round / APA 2017Oslo
September24th Round / APA 2017Stavanger
24th October 2017TBDStavanger
26th October 2017TBDOslo
12th October 2017TBDOslo
14th October 2017TBDStavanger

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The seminar in Stavanger on November 5. was also full. Thank you for coming.
Hydrocarbon Habitats Seminar in iPark Stavanger